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I am not tech savvy.  This will come as no surprise to you, the reader, by the time you have looked at my blog.  But after a kind and patient home visit tutorial last night, by two very creative people–a long time friend and her very capable husband/teacher, I am empowered to begin.  I am, what you might say, a late bloomer in the very topic that I intend to blog about so I have to believe there is hope for me to learn how to manage this blog thingy, too.

I have big ideas for this site.  If I do what I intend, I shall owe its’ success to my friends, (above) and to my husband who first encouraged me to write a blog in 2010, but I was, at that time, not yet ready to apply my hand to the project.  Apparently, I can only bloom in one new field at a time.  Today is particularly good timing for me also; my husband is out of the country (he just emailed me a picture of him standing on the Great Wall of China–do I wish I was there, too?  Yes, I do!) and so I am alone in the house for several days.  Just me and the dog, a Border Collie who would prefer herding squirrels in the snow rather than watching me at the computer (and believe me, he IS watching, quite intently) but it’s frickin’ cold out yet (-9 F) and I’m waiting for it to warm up a bit.  Might hit 20 F today.  Woo-hoo!  Heat wave.

So, here we go –  Bread!  In no particular order, I plan to write about these topics:

  • Making bread at home–in pans, on a hearth stone, cast iron dutch oven or steaming
  • flavored butters and other good things to make to put on or in bread;
  • breads from around the world;
  • bread club culture;
  • bread-anthropologically/historically speaking;
  • bread making as therapy;
  • bread that is good for you;
  • all kinds of grains and how they behave in breads;
  • whole grain, sourdough, wild yeast, flat breads, sweet breads, and bread-like foods;
  • bread baking equipment, cool gadgets and kitchen set-up;
  • other uses for bread (in the kitchen);
  • definitions of language you’ll find in bread recipes;
  • Bread as Art;
  • a baker’s dozen (or more) of my all-time favorite bread recipes;
  • great bread books and bread teachers that I would like to meet;
  • making bread while living aboard a sailboat;
  • problem-solving (and I hope other bakers will add to this because there is a LOT I don’t know)
  • and just because I bothered to keep track of them, I’m going to document every type of bread I have ever made and offer my review of that particular recipe.

Lastly, I hope this becomes a fun resource for other late bloomers (you know who you are) because I LOVE to learn about and talk about bread.